Network loadcell processor


The NLP unit was designed to process simple and accurate load measurements for the use in any number of rigging and load-bearing applications.
The unit consists of the following system elements:

  • Network loadcell processor NLP
  • shackle (does not come with the device)
  • MAC/PC software suite

The NLP reads values from analog loadcell shackles with 4-20mA outputs and features the direct E-STOP output for SIL-3 systems. The loads and groups are displayed on the front TFT color panel display. A PC or MAC is not needed during the operation or setup. The NLP can work as a fully independent part of the rigging setup.

The NLP is an easy-to-use and user-friendly device developed by riggers and its universal power supply allows the system to be used worldwide.



19'' rack-mount

Product code: 9680xx

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