19" Rack-mount

PDU63 series
6U, in 63A/5p+1.5m cable,24x Schuko,4xSocapex 19, WM1296, RCBO C16/30mA
9U, in:CEE63/5,out: 2xCEE32/5, 6xCEE32/3, PM, 1xRGU
9U, in: AC230/AC400V, 24x Schuko German+4xSocapex, 24xRCBO,PM,DELTA/STAR
9U,in: CEE63/5 cable 1.5m out: 32xSC+4xH16 8x16A,32xRCBO,PM
3U, in: CEE63/5 cable 1.5m, out: 2xCEE32/5, 4xSC, 4x PowerCon True1, 10xRCBO
12U, in:CEE63/5+thru,out:2xCEE32/5,3xCEE32/3,18xSchuko+3xSOX,PM,E-Stop
PDU32 series
3U, in:AC230/AC400V , out: 6x2 Schuko German, 6x RCBO, PM, DETLA/STAR Input
3U in: CEE32/5 cable 1.5m+THRU, out: 2x Harting 6x16A, 1xSC, 13xRCBO
PDU323C12SP;   6U,in:CEE32/5,out:3xCEE32/6,6x2SF,MAIN RCBO,PM
PDU32T2SX1S;   3U in: CEE32/5 cable 1.5m+THRU, out: 2x Socapex 6x16A, 1xSC, 13xRCBO, EAT
PDU32T4S2EI;   2U, in CEE 32A/5+THRU, out 4xSF 16A, 2x EURO IEC
3U, in: CEE32/5 cable 1.5m+THRU, out: 6xSF, 1xRCD. 3xVAmeter
PDU16 series
3U in: CEE16/5 cable 1.5m, out: 3x2 CEE 16/3, 1xRCD, U<230V
PDU125 series
6U, in:CEE125/5 cable 2m, 2xCEE63/5,1x CEE16/3,PWM,2x RGU,3x A-meter
3U, in CEE125 cable 1.5m, out 4x CEE32/5p, 1x CEE16/3p
12U, in:CEE125/5 cable 1.5m, out: 14xSC,2xH16,2xH6,7xRCBO,3xRGU,PM
PDU1254H1SPRCBO;   6U, in CEE125A/5p, out: ,4xHarting 8x16A,1x SC, 33xRCBO, PM
15U,in:CEE125/5,out:2xCEE63/5,4xCEE32/5,6x2 SF, RGU+KEY,PM,E-STOP
9U, in: CEE125/5 cable 1,5m, out: 4xCEE32/5, 6xCEE16/3, 6xSC, PM, 4xRGU
PDU400 series
24U,in:400A,out:6xCEE125/5,3xCEE63/5,4xCEE32/5,1xSch16A,PWM data, 13xRGU
27U, In: 400A/thru, out: 24xCEE16/5, 1xCEE32/5, 3xCEE16/3, 3x SC16A, PM
29U,in: 400+T,out: 4xCEE125/5, 4xCEE63/5, 4xCEE32/5, 6x2 SF,PM,12xRGU
PDU250 series
9U, in: Camlok 400A+THRU, out: 5xCEE32/5,5xCEE16/3,2xPWcon,MCCB 250/4

Custom Generator solutions


Portable Power Boxes

Power Distribution Unit in plastic box
Various portable custom-made metal split boxes
Portable power Distro
Portable box, in:CEE32A/5 cable 2m, out: 6x Schuko FR, 6x MCB C16/1
Portable box, CEE 32/3 cable 2m, out 4x SF 16A, 2x MCB C16/1
Portable box, CEE32A/5 + Thru CEE32/5, out 2x6 SF, 6x MCB C16/1
Portable box, 6xSF, 1x C32/5p+thru, 3xRCBO
Portable box, in: CEE16/5p 2m cable, out: 6xSF, 3xRCBO

Flexi PDU

FlexiPDU series
Flexi PDU = the new way of flexible/modular power distribution systems


GSM series
Power Distribution Unit with built-in GSM Module for control/monitoring over SMS

PDU16 series

PDU32 series

PDU63 series

PDU125 series

PDU250 series

PDU400 series